We were recently contacted by a customer in Grasmere who owned a rental property that was leaking and appeared to be uninsulated. We went to visit the property to do a condition report and discovered that the roof was in a very poor state and had not been installed to modern standards. 

Having done a core sample it was evident that the roof had significant leaks and that it had no insulation, causing the roof to leak and allowing water to permeate into the property.

What we did

After the survey we provided a manufacture specification as well as the quote for the client to have their roof replaced with a WestWood warm roof flat roof system, along with new OSB boards and PIR insulation. 

To begin we stripped the roof back and replaced the boards to provide a stable and level base for us to build our new roof on. This needed to be done as the existing boards were rotten and the new roof would not have lasted long with poor foundations. 

We then added a vapour control layer, this is very important to ensure the longevity of the roof and protect it for years to come. It prevents humidity and moist air from becoming trapped between the roof layers, thus protecting it from rotting and condensation 

We installed 130mm PIR insulation to the roof to protect the property from the cold Cumbria weather, helping to reduce heating bills in the Winter and keep the property cool in the Summer. 

To complete the job we added now fascia’s to help protect the new roof from getting damp. Finally we installed our cold applied roofing system to provide a waterproof membrane for years to come. WestWood profive a 20 year warranty for all of their 

system and labour so the owners of the property can rest assured that their roof will provide their tenants with a warm and dry property.

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