All 4 Paws Shop, located in Hawkshead in Cumbria, had a leaking flat roof above its shop window and door. The leakage was due to the old age of the existing roof. After the initial survey it was advised that any repair would be temporary so to fix the issue properly the client decided to replace the entire canopy. After all the last thing they’d want was a leaky roof falling in on their customers. After initial survey and quotes Duracoat was chosen as the supplier to replace the leaking canopy.

Initial Survey

After contacting us we went to do a site survey at the shop, it was immediately evident to us that the roof was in very poor condition and hadn’t been maintained for a long time. After spending time doing a core sample and checking the integrity of the roof we advised the client that they would probably be best to replace the ageing canopy.

Stripping the Old Roof

After the quote and timeline was agreed the first thing to do was to get the old roof off, this was done on a day where the shop was closed and it was going to rain to minimise the impact to the customer. This gave us a completely clean slate to install a new roof that would be structurally sound and be 100% watertight.

Insulating the Roof

We know just how cold Cumbrian winters can get so we always suggest insulating your roof. The next step was to install firring insulation. It created a suitable slope for efficient water runoff, preventing future pooling issues. This step is crucial for maintaining the longevity and effectiveness of the new canopy, whilst providing warmth.

Installing new OSB boards.

Our team then installed high-quality OSB 3 boards, they provide a sturdy and resilient foundation for the flat roof system. These boards contribute to the structural integrity of the roof, enhancing its durability and longevity and providing a flat surface for the waterproofing membrane and ensure water runs effectively off.

The final stage – Installing the Flexible GRP Cold Applied Waterproofing

Our experts then applied flexible Glass Reinforced Plastic (GRP) cold applied waterproofing solution to the roof. This advanced material is known for its flexibility throughout its entire lifespan, adapting to temperature changes and ensuring a robust seal against all weather conditions. The GRP waterproofing not only addressed existing leaks but also provided long-term peace of mind for the client.


The installation of the new flat roof system at All 4 Paws Shop in Hawkshead was a success and stopped the customer having any leaks, it also made the shop much warmer for customers and staff. Our roofing system was expertly installed using the highest quality materials so the shop is now protected from the elements for many years to come.

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