In September, the owners of a home in Swarthmoor near Ulverston, faced persistent issues with their flat roof, over time it had begun to leak due to old age and being laid an uneven surface. After doing the survey we recognised that the job was fairly urgent and that the roof probably wouldn’t last the oncoming Cumbrian Autumn.

Project Timeline

The entire project, from the initial quote to completion, was executed with urgency and taking less than five days. This quick turnaround was essential to minimise disruption to the homeowners’ daily lives and protect the interior of the property from further water damage.

The Steps

  1. Assessment and Quotation:

We started the project by conducting a thorough assessment of the existing roof. The team identified the uneven surface as the root cause of the leaks. Following the assessment, a detailed quotation was provided, outlining the necessary steps for a complete flat roof replacement.

  1. Stripping the Old Roof:

The first stage of the replacement involved the careful and systematic removal of the old roof. This process allowed for a clean slate, enabling the installation team to address underlying issues and create a level surface for the new roofing system.

  1. Providing New Insulation:

With the rising costs of heating, we treat insulating the roofs as high priority, we ensured the installation of high-quality insulation during the replacement process. This step not only contributes to maintaining a comfortable indoor environment but also enhances the overall performance of the new roof.

  1. Installation of New OSB Boards:

To provide additional structural integrity of the flat roof, we installed new Oriented Strand Board (OSB) boards. These boards provide a stable and durable foundation for the subsequent layers of the roofing system.

  1. Application of Flagship Cold-Applied Waterproofing:

The highlight of the project was the application of Duracoat Ltd’s flagship cold-applied waterproofing solution. This innovative technology ensures a secure and watertight seal, protecting the property from potential leaks and water damage. The cold application also minimises environmental impact and offers a seamless finish.


The entire flat roof replacement project was completed efficiently, meeting the high standards set by Duracoat Ltd. The homeowners were delighted with the quick turnaround, the professionalism of the installation team, and the assurance of a reliable and durable roofing solution. We responded to the customer’s urgent request and managed to provide a durable and high-quality flat roof system that will last for many years to come. Providing peace of mind and value for money to our clients.

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