Duracoat have completely transformed the property inspection scene in Cumbria with our cutting edge drone survey services. Our goal is simple; to provide you with the thorough and cost effective property assessments while prioritizing safety and efficiency. When it comes to inspecting roofs and properties we go above and beyond.

Why Choose our Drone Survey Services?

1. Aerial Excellence;
Duracoat utilises drones equipped with high resolution cameras and thermal imaging technology. This allows us to capture the details of your property even those that are not visible, to the naked eye. Our expertise in inspections ensures comprehensive assessments for residential, commercial and industrial properties.

2. Unmatched Accuracy;
Traditional property inspections can be time consuming and often lack precision. With our drone surveys we eliminate any guesswork by delivering pinpoint accuracy in every assessment. This accuracy translates into decision making for your property maintenance and investment strategies.

3. Comprehensive Roof Inspections;
Bid farewell to expensive and time consuming roof inspections. Our drones effortlessly access the inaccessible areas of your roof identifying potential issues such, as leaks, cracks or damage accurately.
Duracoat takes expert care of your roofs well being.

4. Property Assessment, at Your Fingertips;
We understand the importance of access to information. Our user friendly online platform allows you to instantly view the inspection results, for your property. You’ll have all the data, including high resolution images and comprehensive reports available.

5. Friendly and Safe;
Duracoats drone survey services are not efficient but also environmentally conscious. We minimize the use of inspection methods that can harm the environment while also prioritizing safety by keeping inspectors on the ground.

Our Process;

Consultation; We begin by understanding your inspection requirements, budget and timeline.

Survey Planning; Our team of experts develops a customized survey plan that covers every aspect of your property.

Aerial Inspection; Our drones take flight capturing high resolution images and thermal data to conduct an assessment.

Data Analysis; We meticulously analyze the gathered data to provide you with a report.

Result Delivery; Easily access your property inspection results through our platform.

Our Commitment;

Duracoat is dedicated to delivering amazing service. Our team consists of certified drone pilots and property assessment professionals who are dedicated, to ensuring the safety, accuracy and satisfaction of our clients during every survey we conduct.

Get in Touch;

Say farewell to ineffective property inspection methods. Duracoat Drone Survey Services is here to revolutionise your property assessment process. Whether you’re managing an commercial property in Cumbria our drone surveys offer a precise cost effective and environmentally friendly inspection experience.

Get in touch with us today to schedule your drone survey or learn more about how Duracoat can elevate your property inspection process. Trust us to monitor your property from above while you focus on keeping your feet on the ground and safeguarding your investment.


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